What I Love About Climbing

Illona Pelser

 “I love that climbing challenges your mind and your body and that you need a still mind to climb well.  It’s like an active form of meditation.” – Illona Pelser

Zoe Duby

“What I like about bouldering: The physical side: mastering your body, being aware of every muscle & harnessing all your power and strength. The mental side: requiring absolute focus, 100% effort, and believing that you can do each move. The process: unlocking the puzzle of each problem, finding the beta that works for you, and then executing the sequence. The lifestyle: living and breathing with the mountains, nature, ancient rocks, and down to earth people.” – Zoe Duby

Alta Lourette

“What I love most about climbing is how it has influence my way of thinking. When you put your mind to something and persevere, when you are willing, present, mindful, and stay with your breath, anything is possible!” – Alta Lourette

Wiebke Touissant

“I love the fresh mountain air and discovering hidden places that most people never come to. Climbing condenses the essence of life to a wall of rock and the determination of your mind – it’s one of the greatest teachers I’ve had in life.” – Wiebke Touissant