The One That Got Away

Rock Chick of the Month – Georgi Dorward – Pod

Photo by Tesla Mitchel

Route Name: Pod

Route Grade: 8a

Route Location: The New River Gorge

Time spent working the route: 8 days

Photo by Tesla Mitchel

Worst/most difficult part of route: There is this whole in the wall called the “POD” and you have to do a huge move out of it with a bit of a finger lock/hand jam to a thin sloping crimp with bad smeary feet!

Injuries obtained: Tweaky finger.

Photo by Tesla Mitchel

The most enjoyable thing about working and/or sending the route:
Working this route was a good experience. It’s situated in in this open cave over looking a lake and the wall is called the colosseum. The first few days of the process I spent it bolt to bolting, figuring out the beta that would work for me. After the first two days I have unlocked all the moves except one! On the third day I dialled in the moves but still couldn’t do one of them. This move felt really hard for me. It was a bunched up move with a huge span off a pretty bad hold. On the forth day I was back to try the stopper move and a famous climber by the name of Jonathan Siegrist was there trying an extension of my project and gave me beta and encouragement and I did the move! After repeating the move a few times I started send burns. By the last day I had given it a number of tries from the ground and with all the moves feeling good in isolation they felt significantly harder when being linked! I felt really close on our last day and was sad to leave the zone and this project!