Rauen Krohn

What made you start climbing? / How did you get into climbing?

My parents are climbers so it’s pretty much something I’ve grown up with, although in the beginning it was only outdoors and not very often.

How old were you when you started climbing and how long have you been climbing for?

I started climbing consistently when I was around thirteen so it’s been a solid four years now.

What has been the most memorable climb for you?

I can’t think of a specific climb that was most memorable for me, although Rocklands trips have always been highlights, as well as competing at Youth World Champs in Arco in 2019.

What are your ambitions as a climber?

Competitions have always interested and excited me and I plan to make them my main focus over the next couple of years.

What are your favourite features to climb and why?

I don’t really have any specific favorite features or styles of climbing, I’m mostly keen to try everything and explore new movements.

What is your favourite piece of gear or clothing for climbing and why?

A good pair of climbing shoes! The La Sportiva Skwamas are my favorite.

What is the hardest route you’ve ever worked (and sent)?

To be honest I’ve never really worked on something for longer than a few sessions but I’m definitely keen to find some longer term projects this year!

What’s your favourite snack to have at the crag?

Peanut butter, straight out the jar.

Do you do any extra training aside from just climbing?

My go-to exercises are pull ups, pushups, core, hangboarding plus a run for some cardio. I’ve also been getting into Parkour lately, which I think is extremely complimentary to bouldering and comp style climbing.

What are your five best things about climbing?

0. I like the way climbing is always bringing me to my limit.

0. Learning to overcome obstacles is very satisfying.

0. Climbing has taught me some really hard lessons.

0. Discipline, focus, commitment.

0. I love how climbing has taught me to be a stronger person in general.

What are your five worst things about climbing (if any)? Eg. Cold rock, opinionated belayer, noisy neighbouring climbers, etc.

0. Climbing can be really really frustrating.

0. It can get really intense.

0. Sore skin, cold feet in climbing shoes, injuries.

0. It can be really easy to make climbing an obsession and then lose enjoyment.

0. As a climber you have to face failure often and it can be very discouraging.

What do you like about guy climbers?

I think in South Africa we have a pretty cool bunch of guys. Although they can definitely be annoying sometimes, they’re mostly really supportive and psyched.

Who’s your climbing hero?

I’m not that much of a fangirl generally,  but I do look up to people who push limits in bold ways, I think these people show us that it’s ok to dream but there’s a lot of hard work involved if we really want them to come true.