The Rock Chicks

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Founder of Rock Chicks, Delaney Carpenter has been climbing since 2009 and is a member of the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) (Cape Town Section) where she has served as Convenor of the Rock Climbing Sub-Committee and has sat on various other Sub-Committees, including Access and Expeditions.  Delaney was very active in running Beginner Sport Climbing Meets for new and potential MCSA Members.  Delaney is now the Convenor for the MCSA Youth Section through which a number of climbing activities and programs are being run. Delaney is also a certified Western Cape Climbing Coach and is a Director and one of the Incorporators of Top Out Climbing Club.


Delaney has a passion for the environment and for making a difference in the world. As she puts it, “Our only contribution to our planet shouldn’t be adding to the already vast population of mankind. We need to do more and if we each did one thing extra, we would already be making a significant enough change.”


Current Climbing Grades:

Traditional Climbing: 15

Sport Climbing: 22

Bouldering: 6C+



Tammy Caine






Tammy is the manager at Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation Centre in KZN and one of the Directors of Rock Chicks. Her interest in climbing began in 2015 when she started climbing trees using a static line to install owl boxes and retrieve Crowned Eagle nestlings for research. She then went on to include cliff work, abseiling to retrieve vulture nestlings for research. Tammy began rock climbing as an outdoor fitness hobby.




Current Climbing Grades:


Sport Climbing: 14