Bloc 11 The Gravity Bowl II Climbing Event

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The 2017 Gravity Bowl was held on Saturday 23rd September and more than forty competitors competed – and not all from South Africa: we saw a number of international climbers from the United States of America and parts of Europe take part. 

Below are the results:


Beginner Ladies:

1. Elizabeth Krivosheva

2. Hanna Duker

3. Maria Kapala


Beginner Mens

1. Ryan Siegelberg

2. Matt Arderne

3. Michael Mac Donald


Weekend Warrior Ladies

1. Anna von Rath

2. Lisa Hancke

3. Michelle Albertyn


Weekend Warrior Mens

1. Mark Seuring

2. Willem Oosthuizen

3. Stephan Hambsch



1. Chris Allan (WCC Member)


U16 Girls

1. Georgi Dorward (WCC Member)

2. Finchie Lapin (WCC Member)


U16 Boys

1. Liam Foxcroft (WCC Member)

2. Jared Rodrigues (WCC Member)

3. Luke Eberhard (WCC Member)


Advanced Ladies

1. Tiffany Wells

2. Rachelle de Charmoy (WCC Member)

3. Alyssa Meyer (WCC Member)


Advanced Mens

1. Jesse Grupper

2. Adam Ludford (WCC Member)


3. Matt Bush