Youth Rocklands Bouldering Camp 2017

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The Rocklands Bouldering Youth Camp was held over the weekend of the 14th to 16th July 2017 at Elizabethfontein School Hostel, Rocklands.  Twenty-seven children and sixteen parents attended.  The camp leader was Delaney Carpenter (Rock Chicks and Top Out Climbing Club Founder) and assistant leader was Caleb Ashley Cooper (coach at Top out Climbing Club).


 The weekend was filled with a lot of good climbing and great companionship and the kids experienced the comradery of the bouldering community.  We had a number of firsts this weekend:


  • First climb outdoors on real rock
  • First bouldering outdoors on real rock


We had some amazing climbs as well, namely:

  • Nicholas Allan and Joseph Rosendorff sent “Panic Room Direct” 7b (“Panic Room” 7a+ was too wet to climb!)
  • Nicholas Allan also sent “To Siemay” 6c+
  • Tom van Sittert sent his project from last year, “Rasta Roof” 7c+
  • Milena Krohn, Nicholas Allan, Tom van Sittert, Joseph Rosendorff and Luc Pegram sent “Golden Rail” 6c
  • Nico and Alex Setterberg sent “Up the Spout” (6a+)
  • We had a number of sends from our younger climbers from the group on a 5c and 6a+ up at Fields of Joy and Arch Valley
  • Many other sends that I could not keep track of!


While the Saturday was cold and overcast with intermittent showers, the Sunday presented us with perfect weather to enjoy our last climbing day, but with a very frosty chill in the air following the downpour on the Saturday night.


Friday 14th July:-                 

02:00pm               All depart Cape Town for Rocklands

05:30pm               All arrive at Elizabethfontein Primary School

06:00pm               Unpack

06:30pm               Pizza at Traveller’s Rest


Saturday 2nd July:-           

08:00am               Breakfast

09:00am               Buy permits at de Pakhuys

09:30am               Head off to Fields of Joy

01:30pm               Lunch at boulders

02:30pm               Walk to Arch Valley

05:30pm               Drive back to the School

06:30pm               Braai

09:00pm               Select Advanced Climbers to go Night Climbing at Plateau

12:00pm               Return to School


Sunday 3rd July:-               

08:30am               Breakfast

09:30pm               Pack up and Pay

10:30pm               Group can split as some kids may wish to return to different projects

01:30pm               Depart for Cape Town

05:00pm               Arrive in Cape Town


All photos can be found on the MCSA Cape Town Section Facebook Page (link below):


As well as in the DropBox Folder Link: