Western Cape Climbing 2017 Rock Tots Climbing Competition

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It was a lovely mild day when Western Cape Climbing held our third Rock Tots Climbing Competition at CityROCK Indoor Climbing Gym in Observatory.  This is a very special competition held especially for our tiny tots – those climbers who are 11 years old or younger. The competition opened with 11 Rock Tots from WCC clubs Top Out Climbing Club, Grippers Climbing Club and SACS Youth Climbing Club. 


Setters David Gerber and James Barnes set some amazing and challenging top rope routes and boulder problems.  There was a lot of excitement amongst the competitors and after a thorough technical meeting and briefing by Delaney Carpenter, Jury President, the competition started.


During the two rounds of top rope climbing and bouldering, we had a very fun and exciting time and the climbers enjoyed themselves immensely.


After reviewing the judges’ scorecards, the Jury President made the final call on the winners who were announced at the prize giving as follows:



1st Place (Gold Medal):  Mila Blaine (Top Out Climbing Club)

2nd Place (Silver Medal):  Sienna Walder-Fortin (Top Out Climbing Club)

3rd Place (Bronze Medal):  Kyla Feldtman (Top Out Climbing Club)



1st Place (Gold Medal):  Ralton Rhode (Top Out Climbing Club)

2nd Place (Silver Medal):  Zeb Kröhn (Top Out Climbing Club)

3rd Place (Bronze Medal): Thomas Luger (SACS Climbing Club)



Western Cape Climbing wishes to thank:

·         CityROCK Indoor Climbing Gym, Observatory for hosting the event

·         David Gerber (Chief Setter) and James Barnes for the routesetting

·         Milena and Rauen Kröhn for judging the competition

·         James Kröhn and Jack Burningham for spotting and belaying

·         The Badgeman for the medals

·         All the parents and kids who supported the event



Photos can be found on our Facebook Page: