The 2017 Western Cape Climbing Provincial Youth Bouldering Competition

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The second Provincial Youth Bouldering Competition in the Western Cape took place at CityROCK Indoor Climbing Gym on Saturday 4th March 2017.  With 46 children competing for podium positions and the coveted place on the 2017 Provincial Bouldering Team, the gym was awash in excitement.



Hosted by Western Cape Climbing, the judges were responsible for judging the Tops and Bonuses and attempts at each of each child in the following categories:


·         U11 Girls

·         U11 Boys

·         U13 Girls

·         U13 Boys

·         U15 Girls

·         U15 Boys

·         U17 Girls

·         U17 Boys

·         U19 Girls

·         U19 Boys


Our judges had to be extremely observant of each competitor’s attempt on each of the boulder problems.  Our spotters did outstanding jobs of protecting any competitor who fell off the wall.


The routes for the competition were of a good calibre and huge thanks is given to James Barnes and David Gerber for setting the twenty superb routes for the competition.


Western Cape Climbing would like to extend a further thanks to CityROCK Climbing Gym for hosting the competition, in particular Illona Pelser for all her hard work!  We are incredibly thankful for the immense support we received from Cape Town’s oldest climbing gym.


Acknowledgements to our Competition Officials:


Organiser                            Delaney Carpenter         

Jury President                   Chris Naudé

Chief Scorer                       Chris Naudé

WCC Judge                         Julian Lapin

Judges                                  Rebecca Hoerner

Hannah Ashley Cooper

Janice Sparg

Terri-Lynne Ashley Cooper

Colette Rodrigues

Nigel Dorward

Julian Lapin

Linith von Ahlefeldt

Steward                               Delaney Carpenter

Photographer                    Geoff Meyer

Physiotherapist                                Jenny Adams                    

Time-Keeper                     Chris Naudé

Spotters                               Riaan Meintjes

Greg Ashley Cooper

Anna and Theresa

Chief Routesetter            James Barnes

Routesetters                     James Barnes

                                                David Gerber

Route Technicians           James Barnes

                                                David Gerber

                                                Chevaan Patience


Schools and Youth Clubs Who Competed in the 2017 Provincial Youth Bouldering Competition:


1.       Grippers Climbing Club

2.       SACS Climbing Club

3.       Top Out Climbing Club

4.       Rocklands Rangers Youth Club

5.       Bishops Climbing Club



Podium Winners from the Competition:


U11 Boys

1.       Nicholas Allan (Gold Medalist)

2.       Ben Harris (Silver Medalist)

3.       Jake Dreyer (Bronze Medalist)


U13 Girls

1.       Sarah Adams (Gold Medalist)

2.       Rauen Kröhn (Silver Medalist)

3.       Jesse Rodrigues, Rachel Sparg, Jenevieve Okhuis, Lakeesha Radelet, Jaqueline Fortuin (Bronze Medalist)


U13 Boys

1.       John Adams (Gold Medalist)

2.       Jack Burningham (Silver Medalist)

3.       Matthew Collier-Reed (Bronze Medalist)


U15 Girls

1.       Alyssa Meyer (Gold Medalist)

2.       Monique Smit (Silver Medalist)

3.       Georgiana “Georgi” Dorward (Bronze Medalist)


U15 Boys

1.       Jared Rodrigues (Gold Medalist)

2.       Luke Eberhard (Silver Medalist)

3.       Charles Carter (Bronze Medalist)


U17 Girls

1.       Shanay Meintjies (Gold Medalist)

2.       Milena Kröhn (Silver Medalist)


U17 Boys

1.       Luc Pegram (Gold Medalist)

2.       Luca Bazzea (Silver Medalist)

3.       David Naudé (Bronze Medalist)


U19 Girls

1.       Mikela Sinovich (Gold Medalist)


U19 Boys

1.       Joseph Rosendorff (Gold Medalist)

2.       Jake Amaler (Silver Medalist)

3.       Jaya Curtis (Bronze Medalist)



Photographs of the event are available here.