Rock Chicks Pledge

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Rock Chicks Climbing Members have adopted the following Pledge that all members agree to and adhere to by signing below:


I will adhere to the below climber responsibilities:


Bury my faeces and carry out my toilet paper.  If the ground is too hard to bury faeces, I will carry it out with me and dispose of it in the campsite bins.  Poop bags are available for free at De Pakhys.  (A special note about this: Animals such as baboons may eat human faeces and could contract diseases such as Tuberculosis and hepatitis, which could prove detrimental to the population)


Do not litter – carry everything I bring in with me back out with me and dispose of your litter in the bins at the campsite. Make sure to clean up around the crag or boulder I have been climbing at before I leave.


Stick to the allocated paths marked by cairns and as illustrated in the guidebook.  Diverting from these paths causes far more erosion than is necessary and may cause the extinction of certain sensitive plants in the area.


No graffiti on rock surfaces.


No pof is allowed when climbing. The resin damages the rock surfaces and this damage is irreversible. 


No open fires. Only make fires in the allocated areas at the campsites.


Respect the land I climb on and its landowners in South Africa and adhere to the above mentioned rules. 


Do not dump your gear and boulder mats on living foliage – try to find barren patches of dirt where plants will not get broken or damaged.


Do not interfere with or try to catch any of the fauna in the areas in which I climb.  I will respect them and give them as much space as I can to avoid confrontation.


Assist injured fauna and flora as much as I can in my current capacity and with my current knowledge.


Report any bad behavior I witness from other mountain users that is in contravention of the above to the Rock Chicks Climbing Community or relevant authorities.


Volunteer my time and efforts to as many Rock Chicks events and charity programs as I am able to in support of helping others and protecting the environment.


Help fellow mountain users as much as I can as and when they need my assistance.


Be an ambassador for the environment in which I climb.







I, ______________________________________, recognizing the important responsibility I have to the environment which accompanies my lifestyle sport of climbing, hereby pledge to protect my fellow climbers and the environment in which we climb to the best of my ability and to adhere to the above as far as my time and ability enables me to.


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