Upcoming May 2018 Events

Upcoming April 2018 Events

6th April 2018: International Federation of Sport Climbing’s White Card Peace E-Event

14th – 15th April 2018: Montagu Rock Rally

20th – 22nd April 2018: Montagu Top Rope and Lead Climbing Youth Camp


Upcoming March 2018 Events

3rd March 2018: Western Cape Provincial Top Rope and Lead Climbing Competition

17th March 2018: Introduction to Outdoor Top Rope Climbing

24th March 2018: Western Cape Provincial Bouldering Finals

Beginner Top Rope Outdoor Climbing (MCSA and Top Out Meet)

On Saturday 17 March 2018, Delaney Carpenter from Top Out Climbing Club and Convenor of the Youth Programs for Cape Town Section’s Mountain Club of South Africa, took 10 children to Silvermine Nature Reserve’s Lower Crag to do some outdoor Top Rope Climbing.  Four routes were Top Roped and two of the children led the routes as well.




The 2018 Western Cape Climbing Provincial

Bouldering Competition



The Provincial Bouldering Competition took place at Bloc 11 Indoor Climbing Gym on Saturday 24th March 2017.  With 49 athletes competing for podium positions and the coveted place on the 2018 Provincial Bouldering Team, the gym was awash in excitement.


Hosted by Western Cape Climbing, the judges were responsible for judging the Tops and Bonuses and attempts at each of each child in the following categories:


·        U9 Girls

·        U9 Boys

·        U11 Girls

·        U11 Boys

·        U13 Girls

·        U13 Boys

·        U15 Girls

·        U15 Boys

·        U17 Girls

·        U17 Boys

·        U19 Girls

·        U19 Boys

·        Open Ladies

·        Open Men


Our judges had to be extremely observant of each competitor’s attempt on each of the boulder problems.  Our spotters did outstanding jobs of protecting any competitor who fell off the wall.


The routes for the competition were of a great calibre and huge thanks is given to Marijus Smigelskis and Nic Telford for setting the eighteen superb routes for the competition.


Western Cape Climbing would like to extend a further thanks to Bloc 11 Climbing Gym for hosting the competition, in particular Chisai Brincat for all her hard work!  We are incredibly thankful for the immense support we received from Cape Town’s premiere bouldering gym.


Acknowledgements to our Competition Officials:


Organiser                           Delaney Carpenter          

Jury President                    Chris Naudé

Chief Scorer                       Chris Naudé

WCC Judge                         Terri-Lyn Ashley Cooper

Judges                                 Jessica Rees-Jones

Greg Ashley Cooper

Terri-Lyn Ashley Cooper

Colette Rodrigues

Linith von Ahlefeldt

Julian Lapin

Chris Allan

Tim Coleman

Steward                              Delaney Carpenter

Runner                                Chisai Brincat

Photographer                    Geoff Meyer

Physiotherapist                 Jenny Adams                     

Spotters                              Steve Burningham

Josh Phillips

Zoe Baker

Michelle Albertyn

Chief Routesetter             Marijus Smigelskis

Routesetters                      Marijus Smigelskis

                                             Nic Telford

Route Technicians            Marijus Smigelskis

                                             Nic Telford


Schools and Youth Clubs Who Competed in the 2018 Provincial Youth Bouldering Competition:


1.      Grippers Climbing Club

2.      SACS Climbing Club

3.      Top Out Climbing Club

4.      Rocklands Rangers Youth Club

5.      Bishops Climbing Club

6.      Rock Fit Climbing Club



Podium Winners from the Competition:


U9 Girls

1.      Belen Krohn (Gold Medalist)


U9 Boys

1.      Nicholas Booysen (Gold Medalist)


U11 Girls

1.      Morgan Prahm (Gold Medalist)

2.      Amy Booysen (Silver Medalist)


U11 Boys

1.      Nicholas Allan (Gold Medalist)

2.      Zebulun Krohn (Silver Medalist)

3.      Thomas Luger (Bronze Medalist)


U13 Girls

1.      Zara Steenkamp (Gold Medalist)

2.      Jesse Rodrigues (Silver Medalist)


U13 Boys

1.      Jake Dreyer (Gold Medalist)


U15 Girls

1.      Rauen Krohn (Gold Medalist)

2.      Jacinth Lapin (Silver Medalist)

3.      Sarah Adams (Bronze Medalist)


U15 Boys

1.      Jared Rodrigues (Gold Medalist)

2.      Nico Setterberg (Silver Medalist)

3.      John Adams (Bronze Medalist)


U17 Girls

1.      Milena Krohn (Gold Medalist)

2.      Alyssa Meyer (Silver Medalist)

3.      Monique Smit (Bronze Medalist)


U17 Boys

1.      David Naudé (Gold Medalist)

2.      Liam Foxcroft (Silver Medalist)

3.      Rene Lombard (Bronze Medalist)


U19 Boys

1.      Jake Amaler (Gold Medalist)

2.      Luc Pegram (Silver Medalist)

3.      Caleb Ashley Cooper (Bronze Medalist)



Open Ladies

1.      Illona Pelser (Gold Medalist)

2.      Rachelle de Charmoy (Silver Medalist)

3.      Jasmin Pillai (Bronze Medalist)


Open Men

1.      Joseph Rosendorff (Gold Medalist)

2.      David Naudé (Silver Medalist)

3.      Rowan Toselli (Bronze Medalist)


Photographs of the event are available here.


Official photographs from Geoffrey Meyer will be published on our Facebook Page in due course.


The official Provincial Team for these categories will be announced once the scores have been compared to the grades that were topped and in how many attempts.


Information booklet


2018 Provincial Bouldering Finals Competition

Saturday 24th March 2018


Register at



Organised by: Western Cape Climbing


Hosted by: Bloc 11 Climbing Gym

www.westerncapeclimbing.co.za for details and results.

Table of Contents


1. Where & When

2. Age groups and number of participants

3. Prize Giving

4. Structure of events

5. Warm-up

6. Costs and payment

7. Abridged Timetable

8. Contact details

9. Summary – what you must do!

10. Attachments




The Climbers of Western Cape Climbing welcome all Western Cape Climbing Members to the 2018 Provincial Bouldering Competition.


The SANCF is committed to bringing huge changes to the South African Competitive Bouldering & Sport Climbing Scene.



Subject to a minimum climbing ability to be determined by a panel consisting of the WCC head coach, WCC coaching assistant and one parent representative, the Top 5 Ranked Competitors in each category will be selected for the Western Cape Provincial Team competing at the 2018 National Lead Climbing Competition being held over the 29th June to 1st July in Johannesburg (Youth C to Opens only) and National Climbing Competition being held over 13th and 14th October in Johannesburg (Youth E to Youth C).




Please bear in mind that the competition will run strictly according to a timetable. Kindly therefore allow enough time for travel delays.



1. When & Where


The 2018 Provincial Bouldering Competition will be held:


ü  Saturday 24th March 2018


The Competition will be held at:

v  Bloc 11 Climbing Gym, Paarden Eiland


The address is: The address is: 18 Auckland St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405. For more information, please visit their website https://bloc11.co.za/.  Refer to the map below or use the following link in Google Maps - Bloc 11 Link in Google Maps.


  • Technical Meeting and Registrations – Saturday 24th March 2018

Starts at 08:00am until 08:40am.


  • Provincial Bouldering Competition – Saturday 24th March 2018

Starts at 08:40am until 05:00pm.


  • Prize Giving – Saturday 24th March 2018

5:30pm at Bloc 11 Climbing Gym, Paarden Eiland.







2. Categories for the Provincial Bouldering Competition


The categories are as follows:


  • Youth E U9 boys and girls
  • Youth D U11 boys and girls
  • Youth C U13 boys and girls
  • Youth B U15 boys and girls
  • Youth A U17 boys and girls
  • Junior U19 men and women
  • Open men and women


NOTE 1: A Youth C (U13) Competitor can take part in either or both of the National Competitions mentioned above, i.e. 2018 National Lead Climbing Competition being held over the 29th June to 1st July in Johannesburg (Youth C to Opens only) and National Climbing Competition being held over 13th and 14th October in Johannesburg (Youth E to Youth C).


NOTE 2: Competitors aged 16 years and older as at 1st January 2018 can compete in the Open Category as well.  They will need to register twice: once for their Youth Category and once for their Open Category.


Categories are defined by the age of the child as at 1st January of 2018.  Please refer to the below tables if you are unsure based on the year your child was born (Youth D years of birth will be 2007 and 2008, Youth E years of birth will be 2009 and 2010.):















Youth A


Youth B


Youth C











If you are unsure of what grade your child can climb, please contact your child’s coach to confirm.




3. Prize Giving


Prize Giving will take place on Saturday 24th March from 05:30 pm at Bloc 11 Climbing Gym.


We are sincerely grateful to Bloc 11 Climbing Gym for hosting the event.


4. Structure of events


·         The competition will consist of a Qualifier Round of 4 problems with 5 minutes per problem and a Final Round of 4 problems with 4 minutes per problem.  All climbers compete in the Qualifier Round and the top ranked six from the Qualifier Round will compete in the Final Round.

·         A 2 minute viewing per boulder for Qualifiers will be held before the start of each round and a 3 minute viewing per boulder for the Finals will be held before the start of each round. 

·         Climbers may not ask about beta.  Climbers may only touch the marked starting holds during this time.  No other holds may be touched and feet may not leave the ground.

·         Scores for rankings are calculated according to, and in order of:

o   the number of Tops awarded;

o   the number of bonus points awarded;

o   the fewest attempts at Top; and,

o   the fewest attempts at reaching the bonus hold.

·         No score shall be awarded for a “touched” hold.  A bonus hold must be used by the climber in order to maintain a stable position.  Only use of hands on the bonus hold are valid for a bonus point.

·         If any competitors are tied, then the ranking of these competitors from the previous round will be used to break the tie (“countback”).

·         For the purpose of determining qualification for the Final round, if any competitors are tied following the ranking and countback process described above, the tied climbers will be put through, e.g. climbers ranked equally at 6th will be allowed to compete in the Final. 

·         To complete a route the climber must comfortably hold the final hold of the route with both hands for 3 seconds or until the judge acknowledges.

·         A touch of the hold or a mat foot dab (however slight) constitutes a try. 

·         The starting, bonus and finishing holds shall be clearly marked.

·         The start and end times will be announced by the blow of a whistle by the Time Keeper.

·         The time remaining will be announced by the Time Keeper.

·         Isolation rules shall apply to all rounds of Boulder competitions.


Final Round


·         The highest ranked 6 climbers from each category after the Qualifiers will compete in the Final Round.

·         Any climbers ranked equally at 6th will be allowed to compete in the Final following the above procedure of countbacks.

·         The starting order will be in the reverse order of the ranking achieved, i.e. the highest ranked competitor shall climb last.

·         The final will consist of 4 boulders with 4 minutes to complete each boulder.

·         If any 1st placed Final competitors remain tied following the above countback process (the ranking of the previous round shall be used to break the tie), then a “Tie Break” boulder will be held. If the tie relates to any other competitors, the relevant competitors will be given an equal ranking.





5. Refreshments at competition venue

No refreshments will be available at the competition venue but Vida e Café is a few minutes’ drive or walk from the venue. 



6. Costs and payment


Fee for 2018 Provincial Bouldering Competition

  • R400.00 per competitor if competitor is a WCC AND SANCF Competition license holder – a membership number must be presented alongside the competitor’s name when sending your lists through to Western Cape Climbing.  A membership card must be presented at the registration on the day.


  • R900.00 per competitor if competitor is NOT an SANCF/WCC Competition license holder – this will entitle them to membership and cover their registration fee for the competition; an SANCF/WCC Competition card will be organised and sent to the competitor shortly after the competition.


ü  The above fee includes medals, trophies, venue hire as well as the costs associated with the setting and organization of the competition.


ü  All payments are to be made via EFT before Wednesday 21 March 2018 into the Western Cape Climbing Bank Account below.


Western Cape Climbing

First National Bank      

Branch Number: 204209    

Branch: Cavendish     

Account Number: 62380592652        

Account Type: Cheque Account


Please list your name as a reference on the deposit slip


Kindly email the proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



To become a WCC member kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .













7. Timetable


These times are subject to change and a revised timetable may be published after the registration cutoff when competitor numbers are known.


Abridged Timetable



Saturday 24th March 2018


Action                                                                        Time

  • Registration and Technical Meeting                       08:00am to 08:40am
  • Introduction & briefing                                          08:40am to 08:55am
  • U9, U11 and U13 Semi-Final Round                       09:00am to 11:30pm
  • U15, U17 and U19/Open Semi-Final Round          11:40pm to 01:00pm




  • Finalists Announcement                                        01:30pm to 01:45pm
  • U9, U11 and U13 Final Round                               02:00pm to 04:00pm
  • U15, U17 and U19/Open Round                            04:10pm to 05:10pm
  • Prize Giving                                                           05:30pm to 06:00pm


The above times are approximate and competitors should always arrive early.




8. Contact details


Delaney Carpenter – WCC Competitions Organiser

083 355 9933

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chris Naudé – WCC Jury President

063 538 4516

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




9. Summary – what you must do!


Item Due date:

ü  Register by Friday 16th March 2018

ü  Pay the registration fees by Wednesday 21st March 2018

ü  Show up at the competition on Saturday 24th March 2018





10. Attachments

v  Competitor Registration Form

v  Directions to Bloc 11 Climbing Gym in Paarden Eiland




LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All climbing related activities are extremely dangerous and always completely at your own risk. The organizers, SANCF, the sponsors and venue owners accept no responsibility for any losses, injury or death. All participating climbers, helpers, organizers and spectators take full responsibility for themselves. There is no substitute for experience, training, common sense and a touch of caution. So you are on your own…take care!