Finchie Lapin

What made you start climbing? / How did you get into climbing?

At about 9 years old I was invited to a birthday party at city rock in observatory. Being very small and light I had a natural nack so it and really enjoyed my first climbing experience and continued to do a few holiday courses and got my top tops and lead license then I was hooked.

How old were you when you started climbing and how long have you been climbing for?

I stated climbing at about 10 or 11 and have been climbing for 6-7 years.

What has been the most memorable climb for you?

My most memorable climb was my second ever 7a boulder problem in rocklands called sunset traverse. The actual boulder is a great climb but what inspired me was the surroundings and the atmosphere. It had been a day of no sends and this was the last boulder of the day. Everyone was exhausted but we divided to hike back to it as I had tried it earlier in the day. Syke was high and I sent on my second go for that session what made it so special was the fact that it was my second ever 7a so the syke was higher and as I reached the top just after sunset I noticed the bright orange moos hanging low in the sky. My boyfriend at the time joined me at the top of the boulder and celebrated the coolest and only send of the day as we watched the bright orange moon rise.

What are your ambitions as a climber?

My ambitions as a climber is to continue to have as much fun as possible and continuously push myself  to train and get harder and harder grades under my belt.

What are your favourite features to climb and why?

Does a boulder count? I am truly a boulderer at heart. I also love  climbing huge tufas on limestone.

What is your favourite piece of gear or clothing for climbing and why?

My favorite piece of clothing for climbing is a simple pair of black spandex shorts. They go with anything, are super comfortable and do not limit movement at all.

What’s your favourite snack to have at the crag?

Jungles bars are my favorite crag snack particularly the dark chocolate or peanut butter.

Do you do any extra training aside from just climbing?

I try to condition and stretch my body a few times a week when I can’t make it to the gym. I typically do lots of core and arm work but can’t skip leg day either. squats  are a must for me.

What are your five best things about climbing?

The community. The adventure. The fun of it. The feeling you get when you send a route you’ve been trying hard on. Feeling strong and trusting your body.

What are your five worst things about climbing (if any)? Eg. Cold rock, opinionated belayer, noisy neighbouring climbers, etc.


What do you like about guy climbers?

They make good crash pads.

Who’s your climbing hero?

Kyra Condie.