Delaney Carpenter

What made you start climbing? / How did you get into climbing?

I was watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith and when I saw the scene of Angelina Jolie and her friend climbing up those magnificent red, rock faces, I just had to do it.

How old were you when you started climbing and how long have you been climbing for?

I was 28 years old and climbed for about 4 years before I stopped to start Western Cape Climbing. 2020 is the year for me to get back into my climbing and I am very excited about it.

What has been the most memorable climb for you?

Ooh, that’s a tough one.  I’d have to say Pistolero (20) at Silvermine Main Crag.  I was nowhere near ready for a grade 20 and yet it was there and I was there.  Stepping off the boulder near the top was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Once I sent Pistolero, I was madly in love and to date, it is still the best 20 I have climbed.

What are your ambitions as a climber?

To climb as much as I can and learn to dance my way over the rock like I have seen so many seasoned climbers do.

What are your favourite features to climb and why?

I have two: jugs on overhangs and roofs where you can toe hook, heel hook or just hang off of and fine crimps on faces that allow me to balance perfectly without needing any strength or power.

What is your favourite piece of gear or clothing for climbing and why?

My rope – It stops me hitting the ground when I fall 🙂

What is the hardest route you’ve ever worked (and sent)?

The hardest grade I have climbed is a 22 and the hardest of those grades is The Abyss at Truitjieskraal.  But I’d have to say the route that felt the hardest to climb was Pistolero because of two factors: hand jams (which I was shocking at at the time I climbed it) and psychological fear.

What’s your favourite snack to have at the crag?

Banana Bread.

Do you do any extra training aside from just climbing?

Too much 🙂  I do belly dancing, pole dancing, aerial dancing, yoga, running and close combat training.  I also do archery, horse riding and skateboarding and, once I can find another surfboard to borrow, will be back at the surfing.

What are your five best things about climbing?

The route

The rock

My companions

The outdoors

The send

What are your five worst things about climbing (if any)? Eg. Cold rock, opinionated belayer, noisy neighbouring climbers, etc.

Noisy children

Inattentive belayers

Cold weather and cold rock

Some of the walk ins

Ticks (in some locations)

What do you like about guy climbers?

Their backs, arms, shoulders, chests, etc. … pretty much what I like about well-built, strong and fit guys the world over.

Who’s your climbing hero?

Lynn Hill.

What made you start Rock Chicks?

The Rock Chicks Calendar made me start the website.  The calendar was an idea from a dear guy friend at a crag one day that inspired me to do a Rock Chicks calendar; to support and encourage girls who climb.

Where do you see Rock Chicks going?

I would love for it to become a community of women climbers who support each other, who help girls from disadvantaged or unfortunate backgrounds to find a way to better themselves.  Unfortunately, with a full time job, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill this ambition.

What’s next on the horizon?

Hopefully the next Rock Chicks calendar.