Alyssa Meyer

What made you start climbing? / How did you get into climbing?

My sister introduced me to climbing at her birthday party but I only started doing it when a psychologist who assessed my reading said I must start something I enjoy to boost my self-confidence.

How old were you when you started climbing and how long have you been climbing for?

I’ve been climbing since mid-grade 6 and have been competing since grade 7 (2015). So this is my 6th year of climbing.

What has been the most memorable climb for you?

The most memorable climb I have tried is a 24 in Tonsai Bay, Thailand. It was called “The Lion King”.  I was very close to sending but we had to leave.

What are your ambitions as a climber?

My ambitions are to compete in the World Cup circuits and the 2024 Olympics. Outdoors, I would like to climb 8c+ on boulder and lead.

What are your favourite features to climb and why?

I like to climb on overhangs and stalactites as both of these need you to think out the box.

What is your favourite piece of gear or clothing for climbing and why?

My favourite gear is my chalk pod and brushes, my shorts and my Kailas pants.  But my favourite is a knitted turtle that gives me chalk. It makes me calm down when I see or feel it.

What is the hardest route you’ve ever worked (and sent)?

The hardest routes I have worked are “Thruster”, a 24 in Montagu, “The Lion King” a 24 in Tonsai Bay, Thailand and Zanzibar/Human Energy, 7a+/7a in Rocklands. Hardest indoor climb was a 28 in Austria, which I sent.  I haven’t yet sent the outdoor projects.

What’s your favourite snack to have at the crag?

Boiled eggs, biltong or a chicken wrap.

Do you do any extra training aside from just climbing?

I used to dance and I still do aerial silks. But I tried many sports during school.  Right now the only extra training is conditioning and silks.

What are your five best things about climbing?

There is always something new to climb; it makes you think out of the box; helps with strength and stamina; helps you learn to persevere and face your fears and you make lost of friends through the sport.

What are your five worst things about climbing (if any)? Eg. Cold rock, opinionated belayer, noisy neighbouring climbers, etc.

Cold rocks and belayers not paying attention; on bouldering it’s when people climb too close to you and you have to jump down for them, even though you were there first.

What do you like about guy climbers?

They are usually very supportive when you climb with them.

Who’s your climbing hero?

My hero is Brooke Raboutou. Although she is only 18, she has pushed climbing and set records in the sport.  She is one of the youngest girls to have confirmed a spot in the Olympics. She inspires me to improve and shows me that we can be small and strong.  She is also very humble and kind.