2022 Rock Chicks Calendar!!!

Rock Chicks 2022 Calendar Out Now!!

The Calendar is going to print as of 1 November!! Thank you to all those who supported this venture and enjoy an entire year (and a bit!) of some awesome climbing shots!

19 climbers, 24 photographers resulted in two photos per month thanks to a bit of clever designing by Rick Traviss.  With a December 2021 and a February 2023, this calendar packs more photos than ever before.

Place your orders through delaney@rock-chicks.co.za before Sunday 31 October!

Calendar is R250 excluding any postage.

Climbers and photographers, we already have a calendar set aside for each of you.

Rock Chick 2022 Calendar Acknowledgments:

First thanks has to go to our photographers who have taken the time and dedication to get some truly amazing shots for this year’s calendar: Kimberly Burger, Tasha Smith, Michael Van der Ham, Johandri Fourie, Catie Monteiro, Lans Hansen, Gerald Camp, Franco Kellerman, Mitzi Acosta Laisequilla, Thierry Fonseca, Jahne Theron, Adam Ludford, Ben Neilson, Jasmin Pillai, Dale Gathercole, Georgi Dorward, Tony Flynn, Paul de Villiers, Travis Tippens, Natalie Dorward, Gavin Raubenheimer, Andrea Geldenhuys, Rick Traviss and Milena Krohn.

Rick Traviss for the design and layout of the calendar.

Rock Chicks for being the driving force behind each year’s calendar.

Fairstep Printers for the Printing and Publication of the calendar.

And lastly to our Rock Chicks: Alta Lourette, Jasmin Pillai, Danielle Visser, Tiffany Wells, Erin Sterkenburg, Alyssa Meyer, Alyssa Ramwell, Kimberly Burger, Brenda Marx, Tasja Ludford, Georgi Dorward, Tasha Smith, Margot Steph Riley, Milena Krohn, Naadirah Moola, Mikela Sinovich, Storm Morison and Brigitte Pergado. Thank you for allowing your incredible talents to be showcased in our Rock Chick Calendar and for stepping forward enthusiastically to be a part of this project. You are Queens of Rock! Thank you.